Blueberry Asparagus Salad

Crunchy fresh and full of summer flavour, this is a wonderfully different salad. Green beans may be substituted for the asparagus. This Wonderful recipe can be found in our Mrs. Parks Blueberry Cookbook and was a hit on our cookbook launching. Salad: 4 cups asparagus 1/2 cup yellow pepper 4 green onions 1 cup grape… Read more »

Blueberry Fruit Salad

A simple fresh salad with no dressing required, though if you’re a stickler for dressing, try Blueberry Vinaigrette 1 Apple 1 banana 5 ounces mandarin orange sections drained 1 cup Parks Blueberries Peel and slice the apple and banana Toss together with the orange sections and blueberries