• Blueberry picking is generally available mid-July to Early September depending on the year’s weather.
  • Picking is daily from 8:00am until 5:30pm, 7 days of the week.
  • Visa, Mastercard and debit are accepted.
  • Containers for picking are provided.
  • The field is closed in case of lightening and severe weather in the area.


Blueberry Varieties


Reka is a vigorous, fast growing cultivar and adapts well to a wide range of northern climates. Produces bountiful yields of early ripening, medium sized, tasty berries.


Legacy is similar to a high quality highbush variety in flavour and yield. vigorous upright growth about 4′ to 6′ tall, with foliage that stays evergreen. Ripens after Bluecrop. Production is high, berries are light blue and medium large. Has rated high in flavour trials.


Early season variety with good hardiness and very good productivity. Bushes are vigorous, 2.0 m tall, open and upright. Fruit is very firm, medium blue and very good flavour.

Open bush and firm fruits.

Northland Blueberry Bush

Early-season ripening.

Northland: Early season variety with excellent hardiness and excellent productivity. Bushes are very vigourous, 5-7 ft tall. Fruit medium in size, firm, light blue with excellent flavour. High yields and wild flavour.

Perfect for muffins.


A midseason blueberry, Bluecrop is a leading commercial variety. Medium to large, open clusters of large, firm, crack resistant, light blue fruit. High quality fruit with good flavour. Bluecrop is good for fresh eating, preserves, baking and freezing. Vigorous, upright growth, with slender light red canes, it can reach 4-6 feet at maturity, but will be shorter and more compact when pot grown.


Draper blueberry is a mid-season variety which crops a few days before Bluecrop, this variety has strong upright growth and is highly productive. The fruit is consistently large and uniform and is light blue in colour, firm with crisp flesh. The flavour is low acid and the fruit has a strong skin. Some of the notable features are ease of picking of the ripe fruit and the concentrated ripening period, as well as  good shelf-life.

Open Daily from 8am to 6pm

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